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How Do You Know if You Should Try Couples Counseling?

How Do You Know if You Should Try Couples Counseling?

It’s human nature to disagree and at times find yourself in a time of conflict. So how do you know when couples counseling is your next best option or if you’re simply in a time of disagreement with your partner?

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However, if you find yourselves in an unresolvable conflict or non ending cycle it may be time to reach out to an expert. Couples counseling is a great resource for couples that are experiencing hardships or conflict and need help navigating this difficult time in their relationship. 

Here are some signs to look for if you’re debating whether or not couples counseling is the right path for you and your partner. 

Signs You Might Need Couples Counseling

  1. You’re constantly fighting: If you and your partner can never seem to have a conversation without arguing or bickering, this is a tell tale sign that you may need an outside opinion. Communication in a relationship is necessary and in order to effectively and respectfully communicate with your partner in a relationship, you need to be able to discuss things without fighting. A couples counselor can help you navigate the healthy and unhealthy ways to talk through difficult discussions and learn how to speak to each other in a caring and respectful way. 
  1. You Don’t Connect: Your partner is your other half that you navigate through life with. If you find yourself constantly disconnecting or feeling like you’re misunderstood, this is another sign that it may be time to reach out to a professional. Fighting is not the only obvious sign about miscommunication, if you feel like you’ve never heard or understood in a relationship this can be an issue as well. A couples counselor can help you pinpoint the differences in you and your partner’s communication styles and find the happy medium so that you can adapt and communicate in an effective way. 
  1. You Keep Facing the Same Issues: In any relationship there are always going to be the little things. COmmon nuances throughout the day like dishes in the sink or never taking out the trash. However, if you and your partner find yourself constantly facing the same issues regarding the bigger decisions in life it may be time to bring in some fresh perspective. COuples counseling will allow you to work through these discussions and get to the root of the issue for both you and your partner. 

How To Find A Couples Counselor

So, you realize you and your partner want to work through couples counseling, but how do you find the right fit? To find a couples therapist that meets the needs of you and your partner you’ll need to do your research! Search for therapists that have specialized training in couples therapy, to ensure they have the training and techniques to work through conflicts that are specific to couples. 

Once you’ve found a professional that you want to work with in your counseling journey, don’t be afraid to ask questions. When interviewing potential couples counselors, be open and truthful about the problems that you and your partner are facing to get a feel for the therapist’s knowledge and experience within these topics. Get an understanding on how sessions will run, what to expect, what you can look forward to, etc so you and your partner are on the same page as you begin this journey towards healing your relationship. 

Stick To It

Similar to your relationship, couples therapy will take work. Make a game plan to stick to your sessions and stick to the therapy so you can see long term results. There is a proven difference between addressing issues at a surface level vs getting to the root of the issue and coming up with a long term solution. Putting in the work will allow you to not only get to reconnect with your partner, but address issues so you can get back to being the happy couple you know and love. 

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We all deserve to acknowledge our inner courage, struggles, and vulnerabilities we face in our relationships. I invite you to begin to experience the power of waking yourself up, working through relationships issues, and discovering your best self. If you’re ready to get started creating amazing relationships today, schedule a free consultation or give us a call!